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11th Nov 2022

New Album - "Opposite Forces Vol II"

Part 2 is HERE

In this EP most of the songs were written as if they were intended at matching sci-fi futuristic movies directly from the 80s. In parts it may remind listeners of space shows from that decade, while in others it may just feel like modern dark-synth. The songs may sound like a mix of the darker genres as well - this may be exacerbated by the drums, which I wanted to have a more human feel, while still capturing the essence of EDM.
It's just pure, powerful, epic and cinematic synth goodness and every element is enjoyable.

6th May 2022

New Album - "Opposite Forces Vol I"

It's the first instalment of a 2 part concept album. The majority of the songs was written based around 3 musical phrases, and given a light and a dark twist. 

Volume I is a softer take, and a light force !

Volume II is a brute take and a darker vibe. This will come out later in the fall.

There's 7 tracks on Vol. I, some instrumental, some with my voice, and one featuring the voice of Daniel Hugh.

Listen HERE

8th April 2022

Single "This Time"

The song that kicks off the new album "Opposite Forces Vol I".

With an amazing video that you can check out here, this is a mood lifting song. It’s meant to give you a smile as well as make your head nod to the beat. If you’re driving home at the end of the day, put this song on your car stereo and play the drums on the steering wheel. If you’re looking for a song to dance to while you’re alone or with friends, stick this on and crank the volume up. 

The song will be on all streaming platforms, and you can show your support via the Bandcamp page.

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